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Sunday, September 26, 2021   /   by Capprice Kitchen

Can't Sell Your Home in a Seller's Market?

It’s no secret that most of the country is experiencing a strong seller’s market. With more homebuyers than inventory, most sellers have been delighted to sell quickly and often with multiple offers above list price. Yet, some homes are still sitting on the market and these sellers are probably wondering why.

Here are a few reasons why your home listing may not selling in this Seller's Market: 

1.    Overconfidence – While many homes are being snapped up on day one, this does not mean you can avoid the basics of good marketing, professional photos, and open houses.
2.    Overpriced – In a seller’s market, home prices do advance, but a dramatically overpriced home will still sit unnoticed.
3.    Appearance – With low inventory, homebuyers will compromise on some issues, but properties in need of major TLC or extensive deferred maintenance will not hold mass ap. ...

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Sunday, March 14, 2021   /   by Capprice Kitchen

The #1 Reason Homes Don’t Sell (and How to Fix It)

The #1 Reason Homes Don’t Sell (and How to Fix It)

You heard it’s a seller’s market right now so you couldn’t wait to sell your home. Except it’s not selling and you don’t know why.

You have plenty of people walk through it or inquire about it, but you aren’t receiving bids. What’s the problem?

The price. It’s the number one reason homes don’t sell.

Sellers price homes too high and buyers are turned off. They don’t even want to see the home.

So how do you know how much to sell your home for without losing? Here are the ways.

Know the Comparative Sales in the Area

The market dictates how much you can ask for your home. Buyers not only want to pay the market rate’ but lenders won’t approve a mortgage if the sales price is too high.

The market value plays an important role in the transaction. Do your research or work with a licensed professional who can research the comparative sale ...

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