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Tuesday, July 6, 2021   /   by Capprice Kitchen

What Goes Into A Home Value

Are you wondering how much you could get for your home if you sold right now? You’re not alone! A lot of people are wondering just how much their home is worth!

My name is Capprice Kitchen, Amelia Island Real Estate Agent and today I'm going to help you discover what goes into your home’s value!

Neighborhood: You know the saying “location, location, location”! Your home location is a big factor in your home valuation! School systems, crime rates, and traffic will all be contributing factors!

Size & Style: A home’s size has a MAJOR influence on its value. Price per square foot is a filter many buyers are relying on in their home search. The style of your home is also critical! As home styles faze in and out, you’ll find that valuations will fluctuate too. For instance, mid-centuries are really popular right now! You may find that the style of your home will impact your valuation!

Age & Condition: Newer homes will no ...

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